TIP #3
Main console placement ideas: glove box

The glove box is a perfect location to put the ENFORCER DX1 main console, this is our number one recommended spot. The console would be out of the way and away from view all the time, keeping things nice and tidy, yet easily accessible when needed, making it extremely ideal.

However, bear in mind that the design of the glove box will vary depending on your vehicle's make and model, and may prevent you from utilizing the glove box as a location for placing the main console. The biggest obstacle is determining whether there is room to run wires into the glove box without hindering its usage.


As mentioned above, first and foremost check if you are able to run cables into the glove box from the back or the side. In the cover picture demonstration, there is lots of room at the back of the glove box that is connected to the bottom of the dashboard, which makes it easy to route cables.

Another example is the picture here, in this car there is an opening to the side of the glove box interior that allows cables to run through without obstructing opening or closing of the compartment.


After clearing the cable obstacle, all there is left to do is to decide where you want to place the main console. Before you do so, connect all the cables to the console to make sure that you have enough space and cable length to mount it where you'd like.

In this example, it just so happens that there is a cutout at the top that's about the size of the console plus connected cables - perfect for avoiding addition of clutter to glove box contents. Even if you do not have the luxury of such a convenient spot, placement is very much versatile, since the console is very lightweight and can be adhered to any adhesive-friendly surface. Get creative!


Clean the desired mounting area in preparation for adhesive application. With all the cables connected to the console, stick the console to the desired location. That's it!

A smartphone using a video adapter to display the ENFORCER DX1 video feed, with the main console mounted in the glove box.