TIP #1
Where to route and how to hide the front camera cable

The red line indicates recommended path for front camera cable routing

The key is to hide the cables behind interior trims, which are generally removable by hand. Cable ties can help with cable management but are not required; none were used in the example shown here.


Start by connecting the cable to the mounted camera and work your way from here. This is to ensure that the cable will actually reach the camera once you're done, and also helps prevent excess cable from protruding near the camera.

If your headliner isn't sealed at the edges near the frit, simply stuff the cable into the gap. Otherwise, revert to using tape or other means to secure the cable along the frit. The frit will hide it nicely from onlookers.

Stuff the cable in this gap

Once you've reached the A pillar, it's time to remove the trim. The trim should be held into place by latches, so it's a simple matter of prying it off. Exert caution when removing.

Most cars have existing wiring running along the A pillar, run the cable alongside those wires and utilize the accompanying securing mechanisms. It's extremely important that you don't block or hinder the side airbags (if applicable).

No side airbag. Red highlight shows cable route

Cable routed behind existing wires keeping clear of airbag deployment

Here's where it gets a little tricky. Depending on your car, you may have to take a different approach. In our reference car, there is a cavity in the dashboard with openings on the top and bottom. The top opening is stuffed with sound deadening material and covered by the A pillar trim, while the bottom opening is covered by a flexible sheet. If your car has a similar design, run your cable through the top to the bottom.

If the previous option is not viable, route the cable along the edges. Tuck behind the dashboard trims if possible.


At this point, you should determine where you want to mount or place the main console. There should still be a healthy reserve of cable length left, leave enough to plug into the console and stow the rest behind the bottom dashboard cover. And we're done!